Wait! Don't Squish That Spider: It May Be Your Friend

When you see a hairy creature with beady little black eyes, a thick furry body, and eight long legs, your first instinct my be to smash it. But wait! If you live in the Southern United States, don't squash that creepy spider, until you know what kind it is. Why, you ask? Because it might be the friendly huntsman spider that, as its name implies, hunts and kills other pests in the home.

Tips For Successful Beehive Removal

A task such as beehive removal can be a frightening-sounding job to undertake, especially if you have a fear of the stinging insects. It doesn't have to be, but there are certain tips you should consider making note of before taking on a task such as this. ARE YOU ALLERGIC? Obviously, you should not take on the task of beehive removal if you have an allergy to the insects; instead, you will want to call in a professional to handle the situation.

Don't Have Space For Your Motorcycle At Home? Rent Some Storage Space

If you do not have a garage, or do not have space in your garage to store your motorcycle, you should look into renting a storage unit for your motorcycle. Most storage units offer indoor and outdoor storage spaces where you could store your motorcycle when you are not using it. Indoor Motorcycle Storage: What To Look For In A Unit If you need a place to store your motorcycle for a long period of time, you should look into indoor self storage units in your area.

How To Set Up Keyless Entry On Your Commercial Safe

Although most business owners prefer to buy a less expensive means of locking up their cash, you have a greater concern with regards to armed theft. Since convenience stores and gas stations report armed robberies on a regular basis, and most of them rarely keep more than fifty dollars in their safes, you want to make sure your liquid assets are safe. You also want better control over who can access the safe and who cannot.

What To Do About A Dead Animal On Your Business Property

It's not a pleasant thought, but sometimes an animal will die on your property. This is a huge concern for a business owner as it comes with several issues that can affect every aspect of your business. Issues Associated With Dead Animals on the Premises If the animal dies in the open, it can scare away customers or clients If the animal dies in hidden or hard to reach areas, you will have to contend with the smell, which will also drive people away If the animal dies somewhere in your pipes or vents, then it becomes a serious health problem If the animal dies somewhere around products or goods, then it becomes a sanitation issue Then there is the fact that even after the removal of a dead animal, you still have to contend with the smell.